MacAvoy and Stevemer and Wrede and Sutcliff

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Thu Dec 2 18:20:45 EST 1999

I have read most of MacAvoy's works, and I enjoyed them but wouldn't rave
about them.  _The Book of Kells_ was my favourite.

> I heartily second your "reading-aloud" sentiments.  I'm 
> reading Sorcery and
> Cecelia (the last list-recommended book I'll mention tonight, 
> I promise!)

I'm jealous!  I have been trying to get hold of this book ever since it was
recommended to my by Alexlit, but no luck!  No secondhand bookshops I have
been into have it, and none of the 850 or so libraries on the National
Bibliographic Database have it, and it's out of print!

> is.)  My nine-year old is getting Rosemary Sutcliff's Eagle 
> of the Ninth.
> I don't think anyone on the list has ever talked about 
> Sutcliff, except for
> me, but this book is a long-time favourite.  Any book which 

I was never able to get into Sutcliff as a child.  It was the kind of thing
that I like reading about, but there was something in the tone in which they
were told that put me off and stopped me from really liking them.  With the
exception of her retelling of the story of Robin Hood, which I really liked.
I could just never get into the Roman Britain ones, and I tried quite a few
of them.


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