UK edition of 5th Elephant

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Thu Dec 2 18:11:12 EST 1999

> I have heard of people browsing through the shelves of their 
> local bookshop,
> taking down details of good books and then ordering from Amazon.

I browse on Amazon, browse through the local bookshops, search on the web
and then go to the local library and put them on hold.  I won't buy anything
in hardback (even DWJ) unless I have alreay read it and know that I'll like

Of course, it does make for a very frustrating wait while the books come in
to the library.  It's been months since I put a hold on _Ender's Shadow_ and
_A Civil Campaign_, not to mention _Cryptonomicon_!  Fortunately they must
have rushed through purchase of _The Fifth Elephant_, as I only had to wait
a couple of weeks after it hit the bookshops before it came in.

Luckily I am usually the only one to have new DWJs on hold, so there's no
wait once they come in.  

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