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> Tea With the Black Dragon is good, but has anyone read Susan Cooper? Her =
> "Dark is Rising" series is fantastic 

I read only one volume of this series - only the first few chapters - 
and could not even finish it because it was so tiresome, so portentious,
above all so humorless...surely I must have picked the worst one of 
the whole series if anyone can say anything so glowing about it!
I'd had enough recommendations that I kept struggling for a while, 
but the book didn't get any more intriguing as it went on.
The volume I picked up, because I thought it was the first one
(I was wrong), was entitled The Dark Is Rising.

I lost a certain amount of respect for the author when she kept going 
on about how big a deal it was that Will Stanton was beginning his 
eleventh year, its being his eleventh birthday. :-) (Of course one's 
eleventh birthday is the *last* day of one's eleventh year; one's first 
birthday is not the first day of one's first year, after all.) But the 
humorlessness and hopelessness were what really defeated me.

I'd like to analyze why I found Cooper so very much the opposite 
of DWJ, when you found her to be her equal (because I'd like to 
know why some people's book recommendations work so well for me 
while others' do not). I think that DWJ's humor is a huge part of 
her attraction for me. I also always really appreciate her intellect - 
she'd *never* make a mistake as basic as that eleventh year thing. 
Maybe the things you like about her are different. Or maybe I just 
picked up Cooper's worst volume. 

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