In which H. Potter is Defended (sort of)

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Thu Dec 2 16:40:42 EST 1999

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Loehr, Mallory wrote:
|It is disgusting
|Ms. Rowling has been relatively humble about the whole thing and doesn't
|that there are all these grown-ups out there now singing the praises of HP
|when they haven't picked up any other kids' books(or reread any) in at least
|the last 10 years (if only they knew what they were missing). I mean even if
|one is so unlucky to have missed DWJ, there's still Alexander, Lewis,
|Cooper, L'Engle, McKinley, etc. etc. etc. 

I recently was talking to someone about Harry Potter, and I said,
"I thought it was fine.  I had a pleasant time reading the book,
despite its flaws."  (Though I agree with the rants above in
theory, but despite them it was far superior to most *popular*
children's fiction).  He responded "yes, it's particularly good
for a children's book."

The only reason I didn't smack him is because he was driving the
car I was in.

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