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> Yes.  Tea with the Black Dragon is very good.  The sequel, Twisting 
> the Rope, is less good, but still worth reading.  Other MacAvoy:  
> Damiano is excellent; the trilogy goes downhill with Damiano's Lute 
> and (IMHO) crashes with Raphael.

I gave away my copies of the books in the Damiano trilogy, as it didn't 
have the lifetime-favorite quality of the others by MacAvoy, though 
they're worth one or two readings. I also didn't much care for The Third 
Eagle. However, her others are just splendid: The Grey Horse, The Book of 
Kells, and the Lens of the World trilogy. Sorry, I think that all of 
these are out of print, but they're well worth looking for.

> To me, the interesting thing about _Tea_ is that MacAvoy does the 
> opposite of a lot of good fantasy: <This could be a spoiler> where a 
> lot of fantasy takes an ordinary everyday character, and explores how 
> he/she responds to a fantastical situation, MacAvoy takes a fantastical 
> character and places him in a story which could otherwise be regarded 
> as straight adventure, rather than fantasy.  The result is a very 
> interesting synthesis.

The Grey Horse does the same with a very different type of mythological 
character. The Book of Kells is based more on a fantastical situation,
but has much the same feel. I strongly recommend them both to all of 
you. The Lens of the World trilogy I can't even begin to characterize, 
though it's a favorite of mine. Maybe someone else can?

Philip, I hadn't even noticed the detail you mentioned in your spoiler! 
Silly me.

I've a list of favorite books at 
Does anyone else here have such a list online? If so, I'd like to see....
(Of course I started the list just as an excuse to have a place to put 
the books I was planning to order from amazon anyway on a web page 
so I could click through directly and get the 20% kick-back on my own 
book purchases. :-))

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