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> Robert Westall as a children's author never seems to come up!  Does
> else here like  his work?  I think Sally has mentioned him in a previous
> post.  He writes in a wide range of genres and I wish he'd do more
> and science fiction.  _Falling into Glory_ is a school story, and I never
> expected it to become one of my favourites as I generally only like SF
> Fantasy that much.  But I just keep re-reading it!

I admire Robert Westall's work very much. I like a lot of it, find a few
too unsettling. What I never understand is why he is tagged as a
"children's writer". I don't think of him that way at all. My favourites of
his include THE OLD MAN ON THE HORSE and some of his short stories; The
Girl Who Couldn't Say No and In Camera for two. 

Unfortunately, he is dead now, and I think the posthumus books have all
been published.


P.S. I've reviewed several of his books at my book review column at
Festivale on-line.

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