dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #72

Susan Petrey benjiboz at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 31 23:33:17 EDT 1999

I can't stand it any longer!  I have been occasionally reading these digests
for about a month, but I have not been able to get involved through sheer
happiness.  I feel like Peter Wimsey as his mother describes him at his
wedding and in childhood: white and shaking because he cannot quite believe
that what he has is real and won't disappear (whether it be a new watch or a
new wife).  I have been reluctant to touch this watch for fear of spoiling

Obviously, I love Diana's books and I love the thoughts and ideas that all
of you have about them--and everything else I've read.  So here's something
I've always wondered about:  Mitt's father.
At the beginning of DROWNED AMMET, Mitt remembers his father always
laughing, even (especially?) when soldiers, etc. attack or rob them.  He has
an utterly false opinion of who his father was because of these memories. 
My question is why he stops laughing.  I can envision the hate and anger
that such a laugh covered up.  But how and why has he changed to someone who
can control his anger enough to work for another person without laughing? 
The effect of this is another of those shocks which make the Dalemark books
so good, but I am still trying to find some consistency.

It's great to meet you all.

Susan Petrey

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