DWJ short stories

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at qed.qld.gov.au
Tue Aug 31 20:32:25 EDT 1999

> So what about "The Master"? I think it's a great short story, 
> and curiously a bit HenryJameish. It 
> also smells to me of a genuine dream she had....

Didn't like that one.  Full of all sorts of intersting ideas and gadgets and
characters that I wanted to know more about and that the reader would have
found out about if it had been a novel.  It ended too abruptly, and I really
don't like the person wakes from a dream to find themselves in the same
situation of the start of the dream scenario.
> I like "The Sage of Theare", but not particularly because of 
> Chrestomanci's presence. I like the 
> prophecy paradox/non-paradox. And I like the way the gods are 
> characterized. They amuse me. :)

Yes, that was rather good :)

> I have read "The True State of Affairs" only once thus far, 
> but that's telling in itself. For me, 
> anyway. :) I thought it a melancholy mood piece, principally, 
> and didn't fancy it.

I thought it explored the desperate fantasy world that a prisoner can build
really well.  And the betrayal was just such a shock!  It really got me
emotionally involved, which is impressive for a short story.
Some more:

"Everard's Ride" didn't excite me at all.  I can't even remember much about
it, but I remember being quite disappointed when I first read it.  It didn't
really feel like something by Diana Wynne Jones.

"Nad Dan and Quaffey", however it is spelt, was good fun.  I always wonder
how much of DWJ was in the main character, or if not her, who she was basing
it on.


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