other authors to compare with DWJ

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at qed.qld.gov.au
Tue Aug 31 18:43:24 EDT 1999

> reading them to the kids.  Stolen Lake is my least favourite, 
> but Is (Is
> Underground in the US) and Cold Shoulder Road are brilliant.  
> I agree that
> you don't need to start with Wolves of Willoughby Chase, but 
> other than
> that one, it's better to read them in order.

_Is_ and _Cold Shoulder Road_ are my least favourites!  Is is not nearly as
good a character as Dido.  _The Wolves of Willoughby Chase_ and _Dido and
Pa_ are my favourites.  I'm looking forward to getting hold of _Limbo

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