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Tue Aug 31 16:50:14 EDT 1999

Deborah asked:

> I think the token tomboy who can join any boy gang is really
> cool, but why is there only ever one of her?  

Why, because she's Betty* (as opposed to Veronica*), of course. 

The lone female who isn't a tomboy is of course a Smurfette.

Yes, of course I'm a big bad scawy feminist. :D

Mary Ann

*For non-American subscribers: These are the original two female characters in the American Archie  
comics, and the only two one can count on seeing. Betty is A Pal, and helps lube engines and such. 
Veronica is a Spoiled Rich Girl Lust Object. Both, however, are most pneumatically proportioned, 
and features about their fashions are frequent.

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