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Denise DeGraf amergin at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 31 16:24:20 EDT 1999

I haven't heard of DCD before, but I'll have to go check them out 
sometime!  Personally, I find the band Jethro Tull to be very DWJ-ish at 
times, and often will listen to an album while reading one of her 
books.  Jethro Tull's work, for the most part, has a focus on using the 
music to tell a tale, often with a strong fantasy slant.  A lyric out of 
one song in particular, "Orion" always reminds me of how Dogsbody ends:
	"Your faithful dog shines brighter than its lord & master
	Your jewelled sword twinkles as the world rolls by."
Does anyone else find certain music enhances the experience of reading DWJ?


Elise wrote:
 >	So, I am as large a fan of the band Dead Can Dance (and the solo
 >career of the band's female singer Lisa Gerrard) as I am of dwj.  For much
 >the same reasons as I like dwj too.  There's something that really moves me
 >about most of their music. Also, whenever I sit back and quiet down to
 >listen, I have these really vivid stories spring to life in my mind out of
 >nowhere (the Tao?), inspired by the music.  It's like magic.  I've heard a
 >number of other DCD listeners say the same about stories springing into
 >their minds.  Well, musical taste is a chancy thing - maybe even moreso than
 >with books and some of their songs do get sentimental, but it's storytelling
 >music really so it's worth mentioning.

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