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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Tue Aug 31 15:43:35 EDT 1999

>Oh, PS Just wanted to add this snippet, a great comment from Melissa:
>    >>(The reason this bugs me so much is that so many people--not the ones
>    >>on this list, but my mother-in-law is one of them--read a book, don't 
>    >>it, and say "This is a bad book" as though their opinion of it was 
>    >>what every other reader would think.  Grrr.)  Yeah, a lot of us on this 
>    >>are at least chronologically grownups, and we all have strong 
>    >>this doesn't make us right.  Except me, because I am always right.  :)
>        LOL!  Is it possible that your mother-in-law has a twin sister?  Mine 
>does this with movies and it drives me up the wall.

Probably!  I don't know, I love my mother-in-law and we get along so
well...she just has this one really annoying habit.  Of course, once I
figured out what criteria a book had to have for her to consider it "good"
it was easy to translate her comments into rational criticism.

>        Oh, yes, 
>    >>Yeah, a lot of us on this list are at least chronologically grownups
>        I might even go so far as to add 'allegedly.'  I still wonder why my 
>eight year old daughter so trustingly believes that I actually have any 
>answers.  Touching really.  Or frightening.  Boy, is she in for a shock when 
>she 'grows up'

I still don't understand why I was allowed to have children.  When did I
grow up to that extent?  Isn't there a test of some kind?  It's taken years
to think of myself as over 21, even...

Melissa Proffitt
(whose CHILDREN think she is not always right, especially in matters of
bedtime and candy)
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