other authors to compare to DWJ

jenwa jhsung at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 31 14:37:37 EDT 1999

>I don't know if this counts as an "author" but I can recommend the Japanese 
>animator Hayao Miyazaki. A good deal of his works is now available or will 
>be available in English and as far as I am aware is even available in 
>supermarket chains as well as "anime" specialty stores.

Miyazaki is great!  in addition to anime, there is also manga [graphic
novel form] by him that is available in good comic book stores...  Nausicaa of
the Valley of Wind in particular is beautiful...

his newest anime, Mononoke Hime [Princess Mononoke] is going to be released
by Disney in the very near future.  Neil Gaiman did the translation, and the
English voice actors look to be good.  it's supposedly *really* good.

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