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Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 31 13:45:55 EDT 1999

>For other readers, my recommendations would be very much along the same
>lines as Deborah's.  Howl for almost anyone, and Hexwood, F & H and Deep
>Secret only for readers who like complexity.  I think it's no big shock
>that no one has claimed to start with Sudden Wild Magic.  I'm almost
>finished that, and will then go back and read all your references to it,
>and see if I have to read it again.  But meanwhile, I'm just thankful that
>I didn't come across it first.

Heh!  How very interesting... I'd been raving about DWJ's books to my
boyfriend for quite a while now (and he had been twitting me about how
much mail I get from this list! :), and I finally realized that he had
to read Deep Secret... I admit I played a fairly nasty trick on him.
I had volunteered to cook that night and it was taking a while and he
was very tired, so I dumped the book down on the kitchen table in
front of him, and (pretty) casually remarked that he really ought to
read it, he'd like it.  He picked it up to make the waiting for the
food easier, and was favorably impressed... he told me just yesterday
that I have good taste. :) He is unusual in that he very much likes
complexity, in people as well as books, which is why once I had the
idea I was dying to get him to read Deep Secret.  And now I want my
own copy of Fire and Hemlock even more than before so that I can leave
it lying suggestively on the arm of my favorite armchair... :)

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