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On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, deborah wrote:

> sheeyun at wrote:
> > (1) there are at least two women characters
> > (2) who talk to each other in the course of the movie
> > (3) about something other than a man or men.
> I've reread this book lately (jeeze, guys, there's got to be
> something we don't all read...) and have been thinking about it
> sadly.  There really aren't that many movies that do fit these
> criteria.  I was thinking about the movies I've seen this summer.
> - Star Wars: never more than one woman per film, unless you count
>   Aunt Beru and Mon Mothma.  Certainly never women who speak to
>   each other.

In the Trilogy, yes. But "The Phantom Menace" has more women than the
other three films put together, and they do talk to each other from
time to time, and never about men.

-snip other films, which haven't reached here yet-

Apart from TPM, films I've watched this summer include

- The Craft. Is there a lower age limit on the two women?

- The Matrix. There were two women in the rebel band, but I can't
  remember if they talked to each other much. Anybody?

- Dark City. Umm... well, there's Emma ("Cool," I said, "it's the girl
  from Labyrinth"), and there's... um... various wives, waitresses,
  and other fairly irrelevant people. And they never get to talk to
  each other - Emma nearly got to talk to the girl John met outside
  the automat, but that conversation wouldn't have counted anyway,
  being about a man.

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