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McMullin, Elise mcmullea at
Tue Aug 31 12:23:28 EDT 1999

	Melissa wrote about recommending books to her young friend:

	"Yesterday my husband spoke to both her and the boy's father and it
> they are relaxing a little because they trust us to guide him."
	This is the part where I would have said - Mwah Haa haa Haaa!  Hmm,
but then I wouldn't be trusted to do any guiding  ;)

	"(We have also been requested to put in a good word about not
reading until one's
> chores are done.  Since I have laundry that has been sitting in my living
> room for four days, unfolded, I am perhaps the wrong person to send on
> this
> task--but I'm afraid I was a little preoccupied with Miles Vorkosigan this
> weekend...)"
	lol!  They probably wouldn't want it mentioned about keeping a
flashlight concealed in the bed for late night reading under the covers....
though personally I wonder - wouldn't anyone's childhood/growing up be
enhanced by this experience?

	I don't know what I would recommend to a first time Jones reader -
like others have said, it depends on the reader.  I think I gave my b.f.
Archer's Goon first and held back on the Dalemark until he was well commited
to reading dwj.  

	I remember trying to get people to read Drowned Ammet first when I
was in junior high and high school, but that was a tactical error.
Fanaticism tends to put people off, I've found. <eg> lol!  Plus, sometimes
people need to coax themselves toward something different to their previous
reading experiences - and something too different will seem distasteful if
there's been no chance to develop a taste for it.  That's how I rationalized
my disappointment when they didn't like Drowned Ammet, at any rate ;)

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