other authors to compare with DWJ

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at qed.qld.gov.au
Mon Aug 30 23:11:07 EDT 1999

> Me. On your recommendation, if I recall correctly.

It is one of my favourite web sites, and I tend to recommend it to anyone
who will listen :)

> Yes! I look forward to the day that it recommends DWJ with the same
> frequency as Jane Austen, Dorothy Sayers, and Lois McMaster Bujold.

Ah, but you won't know if this does happen, because you will have read all
the Diana Wynne Jones's already!  If you are like me, that is...

I actually discovered the site because it was recommending DWJ to people.  I
was doing a search over the newsgroups for DWJ (as I used to do before I
found this wonderful list) and someone was dicussing recommendations which
contained one of her books.


DWJ and alexlit fan
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