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>(1) What do you think of Nina (of Fire and Hemlock)? Is she Doomed? Is she a sort of modern Susan-
>of-Narnia in her growing-up?

I think Nina was Doomed from the beginning.  There's the illusion that she
was as involved in their fantasy life as Polly was, but I suspect that in
her case she was acting out rather than actually, seriously involved.  Her
family life was so unabashedly solid and Here Now, as I recall.  Also, the
ease with which she took up and dropped fads supports that idea--makebelieve
was a fad for her.  Susan at least genuinely believed in Narnia, for a time,
and it was growing up that did her in.  Do you suppose she was an early
bloomer (physically) like Nina?  I think it's easier for girls who fit into
that image of what Woman looks like to leave fantasy behind for the "real
world" (which is as illusory as they believe the fantasy world to be; they
simply traded one fantasy for another).

>(2) Who do you think the siblings in Archer's Goon are, and who do you think their parents were? I 
>have had a Particular Idea about this since I first read it, and yearn to know whether it's 

Ooh, do tell!  I never thought of them as being anything but
themselves...sharing Deborah's laziness here.

>(3) If Faber John is a godlike smith, isn't it interesting to consider the Time Lady as an avatar 
>of Aphrodite? 

You are indeed wicked in your idleness, Mary Ann.  I've got too many books
to read already...and your question prods me to reread _Tale of Time City_.

Melissa Proffitt
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