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>I've recommended different ones to different people, depending on the temperaments I perceive in 
>my victims. :D

That's exactly my approach to this young man.  I asked the question,
initially, not for advice but to get a little peek into your minds...the
thing that has startled me most about this list is to find people who like
these books as much as I do, but for very different reasons.

I find that some of DWJ's books are more...juvenile...than others.  I can't
think of a better word, and that's a pretty horrible word.  But what I mean
is, while all her books are wonderfully, richly textured and interwoven in
plot, there are some that are less so than others.  I try not to give _Fire
and Hemlock_ to people unless I'm sure they're up to it; same with
_Hexwood_.  I think a great deal of experience in reading stuff--lots and
lots of different kinds of books--makes it easier to understand those...and
also my evaluation of the kind of reader the person is, whether they will
enjoy that kind of book.  _Howl's Moving Castle_ I feel free to loan to just
about anyone...we got into that deep discussion about it, but you could read
it superficially and enjoy it just the same.

I think I will start this boy on _Witch Week_--maybe.  His mom has a Thing
about Satanism and, since she reads no SF herself (which her boy loves) she
has been going by titles--if they sound the least bit evil, she forbids
them.  Like, for example, _The Black Cauldron_ by Lloyd Alexander.
Yesterday my husband spoke to both her and the boy's father and it seems
they are relaxing a little because they trust us to guide him.  (We have
also been requested to put in a good word about not reading until one's
chores are done.  Since I have laundry that has been sitting in my living
room for four days, unfolded, I am perhaps the wrong person to send on this
task--but I'm afraid I was a little preoccupied with Miles Vorkosigan this
weekend...)  What I need to do is get him out on far I have
guessed mostly correctly, but I hate guessing.

Melissa Proffitt
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