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PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at qed.qld.gov.au
Mon Aug 30 18:55:46 EDT 1999

Do any other readers on the list use Alexandria Digital Literature?  I know
Mellissa does.  It is a reading recommender - you enter the books you have
read and how much you like them, and it links you up with people with
similar taste and makes recommendations.  It's not perfect, but I have
discovered some great reads throught it's recommendations.

I thought I'd mention it as if a lot more people who like Diana Wynne Jones
sign up, this can only do good things to people's recommendations!  I'm
hoping to get more neighbours who like YA books, as I am always on the
lookout for good YA book recommendations, particularly by people who like
Diana Wynne Jones!

If anyone is interested, the url is www.alexlit.com.

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