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Mon Aug 30 14:15:51 EDT 1999

	Replying to Denise and Paul:
> >          Incidentally, has anyone else wondered why WW's Charles is
> > one of the few characters to use the "vague" look, is powerful, yet
> > *didn't* become a Chrestomanci?
	"He got lucky. :)
> WW is after "Charmed Life", so they already know where the next
> Chrestomanci is coming from."
	You're so right about that vague look - I never thought about that.
And also, the glare through the glasses - both Maree and Rupert have that in
Deep Secret as well as Charles in WW.  Maybe it's that whenever an enchanter
looks at you, you really *know* you've been looked at?

	To me, Charles seemed to be one of those great ambiguous characters
in dwj.  He's unhappy, he's disgruntled and he's got the anger behind his
great powers to really throw down some retribution and go on to who knows
what thereafter.  He's like Mitt that way.  I sympathize and cheer for them,
but they are very nearly extremely bad (reminds me to think about Seb some
more!).  And it comes down to him making a great sacrifice - of all that
enchanter level power, yes. But also the sacrifice of his fantasy of
retribution, of his malice, of the comfort his grudge and hostility give
him.  Because he has to understand that desire in himself and then choose to
not make his life about that, to instead  pursue different goals in a
different way.  I am in serious danger of burbling over with enthusiasm for
dwj - must withdraw!

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