Anita Graham amgraham at
Mon Aug 30 04:10:54 EDT 1999

We were discussing, a few weeks ago, what covers drew you or repelled you
from a book.

I have borrowed, via ILL, "Enchantress from the Stars" by Sylvia Louise
Engdahl - prompted by many years of seeing this book reviewed lovingly in
rec.arts.books.childrens and by the recent announcement that the book is
being reprinted. I thought that before spending bigbucks on the new book I
should at least see what its like.

Well, the paperback cover of the version I've borrowed is most offputting.
It looks like a scene from a really amateur high school play. The
enchantress is dressed in her mother's aqua parachute silk track suit.
Terwyn and Georyn have had their hair cut and blow dried for the occasion.
Their homespun tunic and hose are clean and new. Terwyn's mother couldn't
resist giving him a very blowsy, loose-sleeved shirt to wear under his
tunic. They both look as though their swords are about to trip them up.

The book is also disappointing - so far everything is easy, predictable and
foreshadowed so that there are no surprises for anyone.


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