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>Oh, there's a topic
>for discussion--what one DWJ book would you give to someone who had never
>read her stuff before?
        That's a *hard* one!  "Howl" and "Fire and Hemlock" are probably my 
favorites, but I think the one book I would give to someone would be "Charmed 
Life."  I don't know why though!  I'm just going by a gut feeling.  Hmm, that 
doesn't make for interesting discussion though.  Let me see....  I suppose 
because it's where I first met Chrestomanci, and he's my favorite DWJ 
character.  And I really like Cat.  And I love the wild inventiveness of 
Gwendolen's spells (especially the stained glass windows)  Umm... I love the 
fantasy world DWJ creates with it's own rules and logic.  I like that Cat has 
to face genuine danger.  I like that he has to come to terms with himself and 
his abilities.  I like this book, dammit!  And I think it's as good an 
introduction to the delights of DWJ's work as any.  But that's just me.

        Great topic idea!  Can't wait to hear what everyone has to say.

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