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Mon Aug 30 02:13:48 EDT 1999

At 10:31 pm 8/29/1999, Melissa Proffitt hammered into the ethereal keyboard:
>Oh, there's a topic
>for discussion--what one DWJ book would you give to someone who had never
>read her stuff before?
         I'd suggest "Witch Week" as a starting point, but I think I'm 
biased because that was my first!  *grin*  On a more serious note, I really 
would pick WW--the sense of humor alone is a good reason, but beyond that I 
always appreciated the fact that it's one of the few books in which DWJ 
relied heavily on the perspectives of multiple characters to relay the 
story.  For the most part, the "good" characters in it are very likable and 
realistic, whereas some of her others (can't think of any at the moment) 
didn't have that same lifelike quality that always leaves me wondering what 
happened after the book ended.  Also, I like to think that WW has some sort 
of strong tie to DWJ as well through the character of Nan...  An 
imaginative girl whose natural talent ends up being expressed through 
writing, comes up with the story of how the universes/worlds are split, and 
is told by her friend (Estelle) that when she becomes an author as an 
adult, she'll write about it and her stories will "all really be true, 
somewhere" (last page).
         Incidentally, has anyone else wondered why WW's Charles is one of 
the few characters to use the "vague" look, is powerful, yet *didn't* 
become a Chrestomanci?  I think there's another thing about him that that 
suggested it, but I can't remember it now...
Denise DeGraf
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