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On Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:56:51 -0700, Denise DeGraf wrote:

> >I'm not an english major, and don't do analysis at all very well, but I had
> >noticed that Jane Yolen as a children's author never comes up. I know that
> >she did some adult books (Briar Rose), but she also did YA fiction. I
> >haven't read "Dragon's Blood" or "Heart's Blood" in a while, but both of
> >them seemed to be very good. Anyone have a comment on that?
>I believe I have all three of her Dragon novels, because I fell in love 
>with them during junior high...  I know I certainly have read all three 
>multiple times!  Oddly enough, the last time read them, I found that there 
>was a lot that I *didn't* like--including the main characters!  I guess I 
>judge things from a perspective that didn't quite fit with how I saw life 
>as a teenager, so what had been perfectly acceptable in the books suddenly 
>became unpleasant.  That's one of the things I love about DWJ: her 
>characters are rich enough to have bits and pieces that I can identify with 
>over a long span of years...

I just got the last two books and re-read them all.  For a long time I
didn't know there was a third book, and somehow I liked it better when I
thought it ended with _Heart's Blood_.  I still like them a lot, but I never
have connected on an emotional level with the characters.

I loaned all three to a young friend who loves to read and he liked them
quite a bit.  He has trouble articulating what he likes about books, and all
he would say is "it ended too soon" (which he says about everything; he has
attention deficit disorder and I suspect he reads at a manic pace that makes
books seem very short).  I haven't given him any DWJ yet, since I am trying
to assess his tastes and see what he will like best.  Oh, there's a topic
for discussion--what one DWJ book would you give to someone who had never
read her stuff before?

Melissa Proffitt
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