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> I'm not an english major, and don't do analysis at all very 
> well, but I had
> noticed that Jane Yolen as a children's author never comes 
> up. I know that
> she did some adult books (Briar Rose), but she also did YA fiction. I
> haven't read "Dragon's Blood" or "Heart's Blood" in a while, 
> but both of
> them seemed to be very good. Anyone have a comment on that?

I really liked _Dragon's Blood_ (that's the first one in the pit dragon
trilogy?) but I thought the other two wend seriously downhill.  I've read a
few others by Jane Yolen, but nothing that's really grabbed me.  _Cards of
Grief_ was quite good.  I bought _Sister Light, Sister Dark_ for the cover
as much as the story :)

Other YA books I like almost as much as DWJ : 

_The Moon in the Cloud_ by Rosemary Harris.

several by Robert Westall: _Futuretrack 5_, _Devil on the Road_, _Falling
into Glory_

Robert Westall as a children's author never seems to come up!  Does anyone
else here like  his work?  I think Sally has mentioned him in a previous
post.  He writes in a wide range of genres and I wish he'd do more fantasy
and science fiction.  _Falling into Glory_ is a school story, and I never
expected it to become one of my favourites as I generally only like SF and
Fantasy that much.  But I just keep re-reading it!

John Marsden's SF series starting with _Tomorrow, When the War Began_

Robin McKinley's _The Hero and the Crown_ and _The Blue Sword_

Anne McCaffrey's _Dragonsong_ and _Dragonsinger_

But Diana Wynne Jones is the best!


Queensland, Australia
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