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I think Max's advice was excellent. In particular, her remark that the way to become a better 
writer is to write with attention. If I may, I'll add a bit. (If I mayn't, delete now. :D )

Revision is as important as creation. More important, in developing an accessible and marketable 

Workshopping, as Max remarks, is peculiarly valuable. One's intentions in writing are less 
important than other people's reading, and they're the folks to help with that! Sending things 
out for publication can fulfill much the same function, with interested readers or editors. They 
can help one to revise.

And in fact, I think it's useful to remember that what one's written is something one's made, 
like a cake or a chair. Perhaps the craft can be improved or at least refined-- the reactions of 
one's consumers help with that. And Absolutely Certainly one's output will not be to the taste 
of some people. Just as some people dislike cocoanut cake, and a chair can't be at the right 
height for everyone, one's prose or poetry may simply not suit some readers. What's wrong with 
that, after all? It's silly to get into a snit when people tell you that the legs of a chair 
you've made are uneven, so the chair rocks. It's silly to insist that a cake one's made is level 
when it has a crater in the centre, even if a blind man going by on a fast horse would notice 
nothing. :) One can alter one's output. One can make more.

Mary Ann (Madame Sans-gen)
doesn't care for cake, dotes on comfy chairs

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