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>For the opportunity to become intoxicated on WORDS wealded with outrageous 
>verve and irony, I would recommend Leon Gardner. 

        Did you perhaps mean Leon Garfield? I love his work too.  I agree 
that he's a wonderful writer for language.  Also for plot, for 
characterisation, for those insights into human nature.  Setting, too.  I get 
a feeling of being in another complete world reading his work, similar to the 
feeling I get reading DWJ.  There's a sort of Joan Aiken / Charles Dickens 
thing happening there.  Plenty of humour too.  PLUS he's written a lot of 
books so anyone needing a Garfield fix has plenty to choose from. ;)  I 
haven't read his most recent work for younger children.  Have to try and 
track some down, and the other writers you mention too.  My 'must read' pile 
has apparently taken on a life of it's own and is now replicating itself.  
There are little 'must read' piles throughout the house and even in my car 
now....  Where will it all end?

>Note to the list. I tried to send a fairly long post recently and recieved 
>back a message that Tanaqui2 was not accepting messages from my account. 
>no one else appears to have gotten it either, and I did not get it back 
>myself, despite haveing posted it to the whole list. Clearly there was a 
>glitch somewhere. Is there a limitation on the size of posts?

        Sorry!  AOL enables me to block e-mails from specific individuals, or 
to block them from everyone except those individuals I specify.  I have been 
getting a lot of really offensive spam and would add each of these individual 
spammers to the 'block' list.  However, about two weeks ago the list reached 
its apparent limit of 100 names.  The fact that I have received 100 
unsolicited and offensive junk mailings annoyed me so much that I switched to 
blocking everyone except for those addresses I specified  (ie all the people 
in my address book, including the DWJ list.)  Unfortunately it didn't occur 
to me that I might get individual mailings from people on the list, (duh) so 
if anyone has tried to send me something and been rudely rebuffed, I 
apologize; it was not at all intentional.  Just add a quick note to a post 
you're sending to the list anyway, and I'll add your e-mail address to the 
unblocked list.  (JOdel, I've added yours if you want to try sending again?)  
So, once again all, sorry!
        I'm not sure why the list didn't receive your e-mail though.  Is it 
possible that you put Tanaquil2 in the send to box, instead of 
dwj at  Tsk, these internet vagaries are beyond me...  :)

        Nothing to add for now so


PS:  Tanaqui and Tanaquil2 are two different individuals on this list.  
Tanaqui is TWeaver I think (is that right?)  and Tanaquil2 (with an 'l' and a 
'2') is moi, yours truly.

        Bye again,
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