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Sun Aug 29 13:36:44 EDT 1999

>L'Engle was one of the writers frequently pushed at us as an example of
>science fiction, if you can believe it, in a children's liturature class
>which I took back in college. Her work was also refered to as fantasy,
>although for that genre we had an even worse piece of portentious
>shoved at us. (Something called Knee Deep in Thunder, I've forgotton the


>As to another author to read as well as Jones... Well, that depends upon
>what, precicely, you read Jones FOR. I can say fairly confidently that
>are few writers of children's or YA fiction who have the nerve to produce
>anything anywhere as complex as Jones's plots. Or at any rate, not without
>becomming extremely verbose and bogging down in the process.

I'm not an english major, and don't do analysis at all very well, but I had
noticed that Jane Yolen as a children's author never comes up. I know that
she did some adult books (Briar Rose), but she also did YA fiction. I
haven't read "Dragon's Blood" or "Heart's Blood" in a while, but both of
them seemed to be very good. Anyone have a comment on that?

Jill Wadsworth

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