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Sun Aug 29 01:21:26 EDT 1999

	I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Antonia, I'm 15, and I'm
Chilean (as in from South America). I moved to Tucson AZ about three years
ago, so I speak english now. I read a lot (which helped me learn english)
and when I was in the sixth grade I came about DWJ's Dogsbody, and of
course you know the rest. I've been reading this mailing list for a while
and from your mails I concluded that us DWJ fans are forced to walk this
earth isolated from each other for some unknown reason. So you can imagine
my joy at finding all this people that like her as much as I do =)
	I think I've read all of her books except for Change over (sp?), Fire and
Hemlock, and all the short story ones. If I have to pick a favorite it
would have to be Dogsbody, I don't know why. Others would be Howl's Moving
Castle, Castle in the Air, Dark Lord of Derkholm, and Deep Secret (just
because it's the last one I've read and the last ones always seem like the
best, not that they're not). I want to be a writer in the future, although
I'm not sure I have enough potential. Any writers out there? Any tips? =)
	Lately, in an effort to find anything half as good as DWJ, I read some of
Madeleine Lengle's books. Does anybody else get as annoyed with her books
as I do? I'm sorry if anybody here likes her, I don't mean to offend you or
anything. It's just that they have such a black and white concept,
everybody is either sickeningly heroic or simply pathetic. The plots aren't
that bad, but what really gets to me is what I just said. I think DWJ is
not like that at all, and maybe that's why I like her so much. Any comments?
Well, this came out sort of long. Thanks for letting me speak my mind,


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