Archer's Goon

Katherine Ferguson list at
Fri Aug 20 19:10:00 EDT 1999

While looking up someone else in 20th Century Children's Writers I read
the DWJ entry (this was the 1989 edition so it is out of date) and
spotted the following in the review by Jessica Yates:
"Archer's Goon, with its family of good and bad wizards controlling a
town, is clearly a satire on local government (and was deliberately
published in 1984)."

Has everybody else seen this? (sorry if it's widespread and boring fact)
Is the last bit true? Do you agree with the first bit?

I've never really thought it to be about or satirising local government
-- I guess I read more individual and personal motivations and plot
elements etc into everything. (Can you tell I'm cr*p at lit crit???? I
can't even say what I mean when i mean something instead of the usual
"no strong opinion" <g>)
Katherine Ferguson, who's never read 1984

PS Hey, what happened about my contributions to the random quotation
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