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jessie shelton at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Thu Aug 19 13:16:08 EDT 1999

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Tanaqui wrote:

> jessie:
> + I agree with you about the curly hair.  The skin is not so important to
> + me; what matters to me are the high temples, and the bone structure of the
> + cheeks, and the dark, mobile eyebrows.
> I was just agreeing with the idea that Chrestomanci wouldn't have grubby
> or sallow skin, or large pores or broken veins... his skin should be that
> hard cleanly sort. 

Oh, I see, yes.  Agreed.

> + Are you the person who liked the Chrestomanci-in-a-vest cover for Charmed
> + Life?  
> <quick translation> Chrestomanci in a waistcoat? 

drat it.  I had typed waistcoat and then didn't want to commit myself to
that in public.  I should stop doubting myself.  :P

> The cover I like is the one where Gwendolen is stood next to
> Chrestomanci at the whirling-whiteness bit of the encounter in the
> garden. It strikes me as a crying shame that recent reprints of that
> cover (before that horrid mirror-sliding cover) didn't print the whole
> picture. The back of the book had witches in Sunday best and the
> Willing Warlock being bowled away - now there's text on (yellow?)
> shiny back cover instead. A crying shame.

Paperback books just don't seem the wraparound covers nowadays; everybody
wants blurb on the back, I guess.


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