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Wed Aug 18 12:17:11 EDT 1999

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999 00:08:40 +0800 (WST), Paul Andinach wrote:

>On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 JOdel at wrote:
>> As to library discards, I am looking for a HC of Power of Three (I
>> know, fat chance) If anyone sees one could you let me know? I don't
>> care about edition or cover illo, I just want all of the pages
>> intact and the cover not absolutely falling off...
>I think I've got two HC copies of Power of Three.
>I may have already disposed of one.

I don't have it at all, but I'm not terribly desperate.  Yet.  If you've got
an extra, I'd like it.  I'd also settle for a paperback that ISN'T the most
recent US edition.  I dislike that one enough that I'm extremely unwilling
to pay full price for a new copy.

As long as we're talking about collecting, rather than collecting first
editions, what I'd like to collect are the non-US editions.  I have just
about every one of DWJ's books, but they're all US editions.  (I have small
children and have to keep the valuable books locked away.  I hate doing
that.  So I just try not to buy any valuable books.  Much as I drool over
finding rare and precious signed firsts, what's inside the book is twice as
valuable to me.)

Melissa Proffitt
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