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On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Tanaqui wrote:

> <quick translation> Chrestomanci in a waistcoat? The cover I like is
> the one where Gwendolen is stood next to Chrestomanci at the
> whirling-whiteness bit of the encounter in the garden. It strikes me
> as a crying shame that recent reprints of that cover (before that
> horrid mirror-sliding cover) didn't print the whole picture. The
> back of the book had witches in Sunday best and the Willing Warlock
> being bowled away - now there's text on (yellow?) shiny back cover
> instead. A crying shame.

I've seen that cover, but I can't remember much about it. My memory
seems to default to the Ionicus cover, which I've seen much more
Oh, and the cover of Tony Robinson audio version, which isn't bad.

"...the greater part of my wardrobe is black... it's a sensible
 colour. It goes with anything. Well, anything black."
  - Neil Gaiman

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