Repeat Characters... just a thought...

Denise DeGraf amergin at
Wed Aug 18 05:00:00 EDT 1999

I think we covered this not too long ago, but while thinking about 
Chrestomanci, it suddenly dawned upon me that there is a very strong 
connection between Nan Pilgrim of "Witch Week" and Sophie of "Howl's Moving 
Castle"...  Beyond both being the quiet one with little self-confidence, 
they both use a form of magic that relies upon their creative talent 
dictating reality.

At the same time, if the *wrong* character tries to wield the power, things 
go severely awry.  Simon from "Witch Week" and the Companion in "Dogsbody" 
spring to mind immediately.  Both seemed to have high opinions of 
themselves, yet it was the less assuming members of the community that were 
the most capable.

Just some rambling as I get ready to return to the creative-squashing that 
is my life at the University...  Anybody have thoughts on this?

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