Casting DWJ Characters

jessie shelton at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 18 01:13:24 EDT 1999

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Tanaqui wrote:

> Elise:
> + him having a thin, straight nose with thin nostrils.  I picture smoothe
> + straight black hair.  
> No. Definitely curly. Slicked back and impeccably smooth in adult-Chrestomanci
> but definitely not straight. Yes, that Chrestomanci definitely has porcelain
> perfect skin. That type of hard cleanness. 

I agree with you about the curly hair.  The skin is not so important to
me; what matters to me are the high temples, and the bone structure of the
cheeks, and the dark, mobile eyebrows.

Are you the person who liked the Chrestomanci-in-a-vest cover for Charmed
Life?  I didn't like that one so much.  (:'  But then again I did like the
cover for Hexwood with the dragon in the sky, though I agree the dragon is
a bit stilted -- but Hume crouched down is very good, and the composition
and color are nice.


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