Covers too (WasRE: titles...)

Liz Bowyer EBO at
Tue Aug 17 23:19:16 EDT 1999

Tanaqui wrote:
No cover picture *ever* matches my concept of the story. Even with authors
who come from the book trade and exercise control over cover illos, it
doesn't match (Juliet McKenna picked the artist and the cover arrangement
for her book and was ecstatic about it, but it still isn't right for me!).

Cover pics wildly deviant from or inappropriate to the story are quite fun.

My copy of The Chrysalids has a great big evil looking insect on the cover.  I read the whole book waiting for it to turn up.  Just as well the book was pretty good without it.

I quite agree that DWJ's covers tend to be very dodgy things indeed.  There is one noticable exception and that is the cover to Charmed Life by Ionicus.  I thought that it captured the Edwardian look of the book really well.  Chrestomanci looks wonderfully elegant just as he should.  Conversely, my paperback edition of the same book has a truly dreadful cover.  It doesn't even hint at the glories inside.

This is my first posting to the list so I hope that I have not covered old territory or stepped on anyone's toes.

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