Some thoughts on collecting

Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 17 23:11:29 EDT 1999

>I was thinking - DWJ hardbacks crop up in every library booksale I go to.
>If people in this group are interested then when the next sale comes around
>I could purchase the ones I already own, and make them available to the
>readers of this list, for the cost of the postage.  And hopefully other
>people could do the same?  Tanaqui would of course have first dibs if I ever
>get another copy of _The Spellcoats_

I would be toatlly thrilled to do this, and I would love it if other
people would too.. oh, please?

>And another thought - if there are keen DWJ collectors out there who want to
>increase their collections, perhaps people could post to the list when they
>see DWJ books in secondhand bookshops?  Would people be interested in that?
>Or are we too widely scattered for it to be useful?

Hrm... this may be harder.  We are pretty widely
scattered.... suggestions on a way to make this work without spamming
the whole list?

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