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PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Tue Aug 17 21:09:33 EDT 1999

> Delighted though I am by the loot I get in these sales, I am 
> really irritated
> by the depletion of the UK libraries' good stock. 

I worry about this too!  I have a heap of DWJ titles I bought from library
discard sales.  I love owning them, but I might be depriving some kid of
becoming a DWJ fan through checking them out, like I did way back when.

> I really really want a first edition _Spellcoats_. 

I have this one!  Ex-library - and not for sale.  I want matching editions
of _Cart and Cwidder_ and _Drowned Ammett_, as well.

I was thinking - DWJ hardbacks crop up in every library booksale I go to.
If people in this group are interested then when the next sale comes around
I could purchase the ones I already own, and make them available to the
readers of this list, for the cost of the postage.  And hopefully other
people could do the same?  Tanaqui would of course have first dibs if I ever
get another copy of _The Spellcoats_

And another thought - if there are keen DWJ collectors out there who want to
increase their collections, perhaps people could post to the list when they
see DWJ books in secondhand bookshops?  Would people be interested in that?
Or are we too widely scattered for it to be useful?


Queensland, Australia
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