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+ sounds fun.  My copy (paperback) rather unusually has the same picture as (I
+ think) the first edition - huge caricatures of Torquil, Dillian, Erskine (from
+ memory - or was Shine in there) bending over tiny house with scared occupants.

Not Shine. I have a copy of the hardback (temporarily) as a friend was looking
for that cover illo. and our local library service (curse them) sold it. 
Delighted though I am by the loot I get in these sales, I am really irritated
by the depletion of the UK libraries' good stock. It shows the moat around
the house, and the big figures are floating menacingly over it. 

I like the rather literal yellow-bean Council digging machine. It is so *very*
beany, much more so than in the story.

The children in the _Archer's Goon_ dramatisation were as bad as child-
actors often are. It was, nevertheless, fun.
I really really want a first edition _Spellcoats_. Not only does that Tanaqui
look like me (different eye colour), but the Dalemark edition is all wrong.
The spellcoat is wrong (a fancy cloak with wrong shapes in it), the River
trickles over a plain (a plain!) before going over a cliff (where's the
mountain? Where's the cave? Where the fons et origo?) and Tanaqui has her back 
to us, doing a very dramatic incantation pose with her yellow hair blowing out 
in long strands (what? what? what?). There's a first ed. in Oxford Central 
Library Children's Stack (stack? grr) and I'm very ambivalent about whether 
they sell it. Imagine if I didn't get it! But yes, although the spellcoat 
colours look better than the yellow/red ones on the 1990s pbks (for the River?),
they are hieroglyphic.

Diana offered me the US edition, with people rolling off the River-as-coat.
I wasn't all that keen on that edition, either, and said she needn't.
And of course, all the books of that imprint in the Dalemark Quartet have
"Dalemark" printed on the front cover. Now, it wasn't "Dalemark" in the 
Spellcoat era, it was Riverlands. Nyah.

The inventive, finicky, streamer-dragons were very appealing. They looked
like they might actually have energy and flight. The eyes were very small...  

I was quite disappointed when the promised posters (first edition _Dragonquest_)
failed to appear. And McCaffrey's home address swiftly vanished from the 
inside cover of subsequent imprints...

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