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+ Tepid title and yick-covers can hinder but they won't stop, though.
+ Sometimes I get very finicky over the cover illustrations to dwj books,
+ but I know I'll be thrilled with the contents.  

I am less bothered by the covers, with the exception of the horrible
imprint of _Power of Three_ with _The Ogre Downstairs_. One is vile green
with an inaccurate picture of the torque (the bird's heads guard the *front*,
goddamit) and the other is purple with a foaming test-tube. Horrible, horrible.
The inside of that imprint of _The Ogre Downstairs_ is a butchery of the text,
too, done when Diana was ill. She was -ah- unimpressed with the result.

But, for me, I love the Linotype Juliana font. My wantlist has "anything by
DWJ printed in Linotype Juliana", and this is because it was the font of
magic to me as a child. The first three Earthsea books were in this wonderful
spiky font with diamond full-stops... I read Susan Cooper's _Dark is Rising_
sequence because it was in linotype juliana (I quite enjoyed it, although
the ending is a swizz).

Of course, these are UK editions.
No cover picture *ever* matches my concept of the story. Even with authors
who come from the book trade and exercise control over cover illos, it
doesn't match (Juliet McKenna picked the artist and the cover arrangement
for her book and was ecstatic about it, but it still isn't right for me!).

Cover pics wildly deviant from or inappropriate to the story are quite fun.

So, I'll settle for a book which doesn't have big round naive letters for
a dark, exciting arcane story!

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