criticism gone awry

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On Fri, 13 Aug 1999 12:51:20 -0400, McMullin, Elise wrote:

Elise wrote:

>In high school (this still makes me laugh) the sure way to our honors
>teacher's heart and to an 'A' was to find Christ imagery in the story,
>somehow, somewhere, by hook or by crook. It was an exercise for the
>ingenuity, but if you tried to talk instead about what you thought was
>really interesting, forget about it!  

How awful!  We were constantly looking for Christ imagery (to the point that
it became rather a joke) but I'm glad our grade wasn't tied to it.  The only
ones I can remember are "Red Badge of Courage" and of course "Grapes of
Wrath" (each of which has characters with the initials J.C.).

More (mostly tangential) high school horror stories: I made about $60-$80 my
senior year editing my classmates' final term papers, checking for
grammatical errors and such.  Every one of the people whose papers I edited
got near-perfect scores (97 and above on a scale of 100).  I got a 93
because I'd spent too much time on their papers and not enough on my own.
Funny that I can remember the grade I got, but not what I spent my
ill-gotten gains on.

Melissa Proffitt
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