Picking up the Sophie Thread [Was RE: Hello again (Various threads)]

McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Mon Aug 16 13:16:15 EDT 1999

>Phil said:
>"I must confess that I took an engineer's view of this, rather than a lit.
>view, and decided that her talking to herself ("This is much more like you
>really are", etc.) had turned her own magic talent on her.  Until she
her own talent, and learnt to use it, she could not undo her own

Of course!  Stupid of me!  That's just when it happened that she managed
to reinforce it!  It went right past me, err, repeatedly!

I just re-read the bits about Fanny because I'm on the fence regarding
her personality.  I am mostly persuaded to agree when Sophie and Fanny
reunite and Sophie is ashamed to realize that she misjudged Fanny by
takinng Martha's view of her.  But on the other hand... well, right at
page 1 we see that Sophie was the one responsible for taking care of her
two younger sisters.  And then there is the wage issue and Fanny not
looking after Sophie even a little (such as suggesting she take a break,
visit her sisters or something, anything!) - and how she was taking the
money to go have fun - or well really she was setting out to get
something for herself since the hat shop would end up as Sophie's.  For
me that's made up for more by Fanny's worry and remorse when they meet
up again than by Sophie being a softie about the whole thing.
I find I do sympathize with Fanny's situation, but she did exploit it
and she does come across as selfish.  And I just have the feeling that
Fanny would not have returned the money she made in selling her step
daughter's inheritence (even if it was bought by her step-daughter's
husband).  And shouldn't the shop have then gone to the second child?
Don't know - think I've gotten about as far as I can get with it.

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