Introduction type matters...

Amaya Booker amaya at
Sat Aug 14 13:15:52 EDT 1999

Greeting and felicitous salutations...

I'm unsure as to posting etiquette for this list as there seemed to be no
real FAQ available, so you are receiving this e-mail regardless of whether
it's appropriate :)

I'm new, obviously and an avid DWJ fan and have been since I was but a wee
thing :P

Apart from that I'm an overactive overly loud Software Engineering student
and Goth chick extraordinaire. I read far too much for my budget and
generally spend the rest of my life flitting about as a social butterfly...
To indulge in some more narcissism from me please read my webpage at

It is a rather graphics heavy webpage so if you tend to set your browser to
load no pictures I suggest turning this feature off before viewing my page.

Don't flame me too hard
The adult world is filled with tension. Regain the child within.
 Pull a colleague's hair and when she yells "Argh! He HURT me!"
 remember to yell back "But she started it!"

I'm not a goth, they're too pretentious, I'm above that.

amaya at

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