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Nat Case hedberg at
Fri Aug 13 11:45:28 EDT 1999

I also like the Puffin 8 Days of Luke cover. I think it's by Michael Heslop,
who's designed some other covers I'm foond of: the Susan Cooper Dark Is
Rising covers from the 1980s Puffin issues, and I think one other. I like
his style, though all of them seem a little dated now...

I also like Hexwood, though I think strong, clear graphic covers are the
best way to go (this from a graphic designer who likes to use clear iconic
images...). My favorite kids fantasy cover is still Mahy's The Changeover
with the girl looking right out at you. haunting, like the book.

I thin kin general, I like DWJ's UK covers over her US covers, and hardcover
covers over paperbacks. There's something about the paperback kids and teens
markets (maybe its the low margins involved) that makes publishers use
shoddy illustration and tawdry design. Wish they'd just reuse the
illustrations from the hardcovers. Actually, a lot are doing that for
"classics" (winners of the Newbery and should-have-won-the-Newbery), when
they're issued in trade paperback. But mass-market paper is, I fear, a lost

Ah, advertising. Glad I got out of it years ago...

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc.

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