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Thu Aug 12 04:55:06 EDT 1999

On 10 Aug. Elise wrote:
>This is soooo long, but I just wanted to mention I've read Hexwood again
>over the weekend and I'm really interested in figuring out Mordion in
>this context - he heightens the stakes of these issues, doesn't he?

Certainly does!  I'm taking the girls (huge DWJ fans, both) to Oxford for a
week, and you've just solved the problem of what books to bring.
I'm tempted to bring up the other "story"  Saved By the Love of a Good
Woman (with a little help from technology), but I think I'm getting too
wiggy altogether (blame it on the eclipse!).
Mary Ann said:
>I fall to the temptation of mentioning Henry Tilney (of Jane Austen's
>_Northanger Abbey_.

This is too weird.  I went to bed last night pondering the connection
between Northanger Abbey and Howl's Moving Castle, and wake up this morning
to find this.  I'd noted the similarity between the opening pages of the
two before (nobody would have thought Catherine was meant to be a heroine,
and Sophie... well we've gone into that).  I'm still debating whether or
not there's more of a connection than just that, but now we're off in an
hour to the ferry (first stop Wales!).  I was a little hesitant to bring up
Austen, because my own personal version of the Awful Boyfriend was an
English Major, who was absolutely scathing about idjits like meself who
actually liked Austen :(

Well now I can look forward a week's worth of fascinating messages on my
return.  Thanks, indeed, Deborah, for this!

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