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>By the way, all, a large portion of these emails are getting
>saved for future reference in a folder called "thesis".
>I exploit you all dreadfully.  :)

        Exploit away! ;) If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have a place to 
rant with other DWJ-ers.

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>I just wanted to mention I've read Hexwood again
>over the weekend and I'm really interested in figuring out Mordion in
>this context - he heightens the stakes of these issues, doesn't he?
>What do folks think about Mordion?

        I love this list! (rubbing hands together gleefully).  I haven't read 
"Hexwood" in a while, so time for another reread and a long ponder about 
what-when-where-why-how Mordion does this.

>But that active not listening is really denying the
>other person the right of a voice, and in effect, denying their very
>personhood - the essence of emotional abuse.   The process of trying to
>sort through this has involved first of all having to come to terms with
>the fact that I had been hurt and only then starting to
>learn to listen to myself....
>it's almost as if there's a prelude to this, which is also vital: that people
>can do huge damage to children by refusing to listen to them, thereby
>making it more difficult for the children to learn to trust their own voices,
>take responsibility for themselves, accept and use their gifts - all that 

        Sproingg!!  That's the sound of you striking a chord!

>Hallie said:
>"(And they say women can't think clearly!)"
>Elise said:
>Hmph! Sounds like something They would say.  What are They playing at?

    They're everywhere you know....(looking fearfully over shoulder)

Elise also said:
>Oh, I'll leave with a quote I really liked from Scales in Dark Lord of
>Derkholm, "I don't hold with it," said the great green dragon. "No
>living creature has the right to claim wisdom.  There is always more to
>find out."
>There's subversion for ya!

        Okay.  That does it.  To !@#$ with the book club.  I have to go buy 
this book tomorrow.  I have been patient long enough.

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