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>Hmm.  The way I'm phrasing it in The Dreaded Thesis is that
>Ingary is telling Sophie many stories of how she ought to be....

I very much prefer this concept. It seems to me to avoid the torts perspective and 
unilateralness of Howl's attribution. I do understand that many list members, and presumably 
others, like that a lot. I just don't.

I am reminded of a story one of my best friends, Lisa, told me. She and her roommate, our good 
friend Roberta, attended a workshop on human relationships. The focus of the workshop was on how 
relationships are the outcome of behaviour by all involved parties. Lisa was enormously gratified 
to be convinced that not everything was her fault. Roberta was shattered at the feeling she was 
deprived of thinking of herself as a Hapless Victim of Fate. Temperaments differ considerably when 
it comes to such issues.

Mary Ann

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