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>I was actually a little surprised in Dark Lord of Derkholm when
>it turned out Derk was was right about Mara, even if it wasn't of
>her own free will.  I was hoping he was just misinterpreting her
>actions -- not seeing, as Sophie doesn't see.
        (hanging head in shame) I haven't read this yet (not my fault; the 
!@#$% book club hasn't sent me my copy yet and I don't want to buy it 
elsewhere only to end up with multiple copies and a purse even slenderer than 
it already is.)
>>DWJ teaching children to question everything.  Shocking!
 >Hah.  Wait until I'm done with my thesis (I'm thinking September,
 >the year 2035 c.e.).

        I know, I know (wringing hands).

 >DWJ as constantly questioning the security
 >and reliability of meaning and language at every turn.  Very
 >postmodern and deconstructive, but I'm trying really hard to make
 >it readable and not spewage of jargon.

     Spewage of jargon from you?  Impossible!  Your thesis sounds yummy.  
Can't wait to see how it turns out--you are going to publish it, right?  
Right?  Say 'yes' !
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