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>Philip wrote:
>>"For those of you who are discussing film (movie) casting, I seem to recall
>>Canning (denizen of Sirius B) has quite a detailed description, which
>>dead white hair, I think straight, and I think shoulder length.  (Rather like
>>the picture of Sophie on the Moving Castle cover you're all disliking so
>I've just finished Dogsbody (uh, again) - what a great book.  When will
>it be in print again?  

The last time I remember it being in print in the US was sometime in the
early '90s, because it was in our university bookstore.  But I don't know
about future plans--I only mention it because I wonder how much time usually
lapses between printings or even different editions.  The one I'm thinking
of was by Knopf, and was a trade-sized (oversized) PB.  They also did
Charmed Life, Tale of Time City, and Witch Week--possibly others--the same
Charmed Life that has Gwendolen smirking and Cat looking either in thrall or
on drugs, and the little dragon.  All the DWJ titles from that edition have
a similar format, same typesetting for the title, etc.

>But yes, the Companion - as Mrs. Canning - is described as small,
>delicate, dead white hair, dead white face and cheekbones and eyes which
>slant upward, every so slightly.  Enchanting etc. luminous and so on -
>and bad to the celestial bone.  Not a patch on the vibrant various
>beauty of even one field of daisies on mother earth.  So, I still think
>Gwyneth Paltrow in white powder would do it well - delicate, slanting

Or the ever-luminous Michelle Pfeiffer, who may be too tall....but has
incredible cheekbones and the power of looking ever so nasty when she feels
like it.

>I used to worry about the end, when Sirius is hopeful that somehow
>Kathleen will be able to become denizen of his Companion sphere, but she
>seemed so remote at the end, wanting Leo and being so polite to the
>over-awing Sirius.  But now it seems more hopeful to me, since Kathleen
>was able to use the zoi, something I don't think I understood all the
>implications of when I read it years ago.  It seems the big question is
>- would she ever want to become his Companion?  And I guess that's
>another story.

I'm POSITIVE I didn't get this story the first time I read it.  And I know I
didn't pick up on the Wild Hunt thing at all.  Duh.

Melissa Proffitt
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